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#0030: Kelly Lyndgaard on Radical Leaps of Faith, Playing to Your Strengths + Geeking Out Over Personality Tests

Episode Summary

Kelly is the founder and CEO of Unshattered, a social enterprise partner of a women’s recovery program.

Episode Notes

Although she’s an engineer and physicist by training, Kelly is an inveterate problem-solver and strategist at heart. Inspired by the strength and commitment of women doing the hard work of recovering from addiction at the Hoving Home, Kelly wanted to build them a path forward to sustained sobriety, independence, and economic stability. Having long admired the social business model, which uses enterprise to solve social issues, Kelly began Unshattered in 2013. 

In 2015, she experienced a very clear, but not easy to answer, calling out of her executive role in the technology industry to focus solely on what had been her passion project. In this episode, Kelly talks about how her entire perspective of addiction shifted after Emily, a fellow parishioner at her church, shared her family’s story of addiction. Kelly goes on to share how, with a newfound understanding and boatload of faith, she founded Unshattered. Witnessing broken lives transformed into ones of purpose, meaning and beauty, has influenced her own view of faith and the world in a profound way. Also, Kelly courageously opens up about some of her most intense self-care decisions and practices. Plus, we geek about personality tests and chat about playing to our strengths & style. I’ve found a sister, type-A soul in Kelly. When Craig finished editing this episode, he asked if I found my new BFF. Kelly’s story is beautiful. It’s one of hope, faith and deep understanding. 

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Episode Transcription

Quotes + selected highlights from the episode

All of this wisdom is from Kelly herself (with some minor edits for readability).

[00:22:09] I'm not a high roller, that lifestyle was not interesting to me. I wanted it to be about loving my work.

[00:24:14] I am a type-A woman.  I love a pat on the head. I love a gold star. I love to go to the dentist, because they're like,  “Oh, oh, good job flossing,” I live for that.

[00:25:47] I believe God created us with a specific purpose.  That He knows how we're wired because He made us that way.  He had specific intent for what he wants us to experience and achieve in the world.  When God said go do this [Unshattered], even though it was terrifying and scary, there was also peace in it because it was so clear.

[00:30:15] I love the metaphor that everything we make our bags out of would be in the trash. And so it's something that is discarded and without purpose. Nobody wants it, and we put it back together into something beautiful, purposeful and meaningful.

[00:36:42] You previously asked me what was it that allowed me to make that kind of a leap to create Unshattered? It was my faith in God and a calling.

[00:39:39] If you don't understand the job that you're moving into, you are not going to like it, and your boss isn’t going to like you.

[00:50:42] People will sometimes look at me and say, “You don't do anything randomly.”

[01:05:28] I need a lot of alone time. I'm really an introvert. I have a hard time reconciling that with one of my strengths as a connector. The most important thing is to allow myself an interruption-free space where my my mind can just think, wander and digest. If I don't let that percolating happen, I lose my mojo.

[01:07:23] The team does not need me to be a task-based leader right now.  They need me to be a strategic groundbreaking visionary - a knock it out of the park go build the business leader.